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Florigraphy reportedly originated from Greek and Roman culture, it has been used for centuries as a way of communicating feelings that would otherwise go unspoken.

January Birth Flower- the Carnation or Snowdrop

February Birth Flower - the Violet or Primrose

March Birth Flower - the Jonquil (aka Daffodil or Narcissus)

April Birth Flower - the Sweet pea or Daisy

May Birth Flower - the Lily of the Valley

July Birth Flower - the Larkspur or Water Lily

August Birth Flower - the Gladiolus or Poppy

September Birth Flower - the Aster or Morning Glory

October Birth Flower - the Calendula (Marigold)

November Birth Flower - the Chrysanthemum

1 Anniversary: Carnations or Pansies

2 Anniversary: Cosmos

3 Anniversary: Fuchsias

4 Anniversary: Geraniums

5 Anniversary: Daisies

6 Anniversary: Calla Lilies

7 Anniversary: Jack-in-the Pulpit

8 Anniversary: Clematis

9 Anniversary: Poppies

10 Anniversary: Daffodils

11 Anniversary: Morning Glory

12 Anniversary: Peonies

13 Anniversary: Hollyhocks

14 Anniversary: Dahlias

15 Anniversary: Roses

20 Anniversary: Day Lilies

25 Anniversary: Iris

28 Anniversary: Orchids

30 Anniversary: Sweet Pea (Pearl)

40 Anniversary: Nasturtiums (Ruby)

50 Anniversary: Violets (Golden)

60 Anniversary Any flower in white (Diamond)

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