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Cleancut Garden Services Eco Friendly Services.

It is important to Cleancut Lawn & Garden Services to be environmentally friendly, and to that end we compost ours and your green and garden waste, shred wood from tree works for mulching. We run our vehicles on recycled cooking oil. Plants no longer wanted are replanted in communal areas to benefit all. If we can use it again, we will.

To further this ideal, we have looked at ourselves to see what else can we do with you our customers, to help the environment.

It is your choice to use modern practices, and most without thinking use what is to hand. However, using old technology, the same results can be achieved.

Therefore, Cleancut are now providing, a more environmentally friendly service, whereby we will provide garden services using non powered tools. Hand push mowers, hedge clippers, brush and pan to clear up.

Cleancut will also provide options for weedkillers, herbicides and cleaning agents, commercially purchased products and home made alternatives, without chemicals and also commercially available products which are eco friendly.

We will continue to provide our normal service of powered machinery, as it is your choice to decide how you want your garden tended.

When you have more information you can make an informed decision on what product suits you best. You can dip into either service.

Remember, everyone doing a bit will help the environment.

Lets make everyone "green" fingered, even if you don't like gardening.

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