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Cleancut Garden Services Lawn Renovation

Over time lawns can become tired and patchy. Using Cleancut Lawn Renovation service we can bring back a weed free green lawn.

The cost effective alternative to laying new turf 

If you think your lawn is beyond repair and you have more weeds and moss than grass, Cleancut can carry out a part or full lawn renovation, resulting in a healthy green lawn. Renovation can be carried out anytime during the growing season, however if this occurs during a prolonged period of dry weather the lawn will need to be watered on a regular basis.

A Cleancut Garden Services renovation will firstly involve applying a selective herbicide to kill off unwanted weeds, after a short period the dead weeds and any remaining grass will need to be cut very short and all clippings removed.

The next stage will be to intensely scarify the surface of the lawn, breaking up the soil surface and creating a suitable environment for grass seed to germinate. We will then aerate the soil, over seed with a quality grass seed and apply one of the best granular slow controlled release fertilisers and if required apply a top dressing.

At around two weeks you should start to see the seed germinating and the first signs of your new lawn. As part of your treatment programme we will apply another fertiliser treatment three months later to ensure your lawn stays healthy and we keep to our word by "keeping it green"


Before our work a tired looking green area


After our work a green lawn fronting a smart building

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