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Cleancut Garden Services Treatment Programme...

Springtime (March-May)

The first application of one of our Stabilized Nitrogen fertilisers which contains; nitrogen to increase leaf and stem growth, phosphorous to promote root and shoot develoment, potassium to aid the general health of the turf, magnesium and essential trace elements. We will spray our first application of selective herbicide which will prevent early establishment of weeds and check and treat your lawn for signs of pests or disease.

Late Spring & Early Summer (May-July)

A second application of our Stabilized Nitrogen fertilisers which will help the lawn maintain its colour and improve the sward. Furthermore if required we apply a second application of selective herbicide, targeting any remaining broad-leafed weeds and check and treat your lawn for any signs of disease or pests. 

Mid Summer (July-September)

Another application of Stabilized Nitrogen fertilisers containing; nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and trace elements to maintain good colour and a dense sward. Again we will check for weeds, pests, disease and treat accordingly.

Autumn & Winter (September-February)

Lawn winter treatment; this treatment is very low in nitrogen and contains phosphorous to strengthen roots and potassium to maintain good colour through the winter months. Iron is also included in this treatment to control moss. We also spray an insectacide at this time of year to control Leather jackets.  

Additional Treatments

To obtain the optimum results from your Cleancut Lawn Care treatment programme there are two further treatments we need to carry out.

Scarification (September-October)

Your lawn will have built up a layer of fibrous material on the top of the soil surface and at the base of the grass, this is known as Thatch. Thatch is made up of cuttings, dead leaves, stems and stolons of both grasses and weeds. By mechanically removing this layer with a motorised scarifier ensures your lawn will maintain its ability to absorb oxygen, moisture and essential nutrients that are required to maintain a healthy green lawn.

Hollow Core Aeration (February- March) 

The soil below your lawn will have become compacted. This reduces the space beneath the soil that would normally hold air, depriving the roots of oxygen, nutrients and water all essential for good growth. Hollow Core Aeration removes thousands of small plugs of soil from your lawn, breaking up the sub surface thatch and allowing increased water, nutrients and oxygen to enter the soil. Additionally aeration reduces fertiliser and pesticide run off ensuring these treatments produce optimum results. 

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