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A Day in the life of Cleancut - a picture paints a thousand words.
Cleancut start in the morningCleancut keeping the area clear as we workHealth and safety is important to CleancutUsing machinery Cleancut remove stumps 
Cleancut take out stumps not just cut them to the groundCleancut work as a team to work efficientlyCleancut keep a tidy working areaWorking efficiently Cleancut quickly get on with the jobCleancut work methodically At all times the working area is safe and clear.Cleancut remove all debris from the site.When one task is finished, Cleancut quickly move on.Safely trees are felled away from roads.Tree cut safely on to lawnsSteadily, safely and methodically Cleancut carry out the work.Team Cleancut work to finish and no inconvenience for clientsCleancut working area still all safe and tidyCleancut end of the day all done and cleared.

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